tldr is a small tool to help you cannot always remember the arguments to many commands as like me. TL;DR originates for "Too long; Didn't Read" in Internal Slang, where it is used to indicate that a long text has been skipped...

We like simplified man pages focused on practical example like below:

➜  ~ tldr lsof
Local data is older than two weeks, use --update to update it.


Lists open files and the corresponding processes.
Note: Root privileges (or sudo) is required to list files opened by others.

- Find the processes that have a given file open:
    lsof path/to/file

- Find the process that opened a local internet port:
    lsof -i :port

- Only output the process ID (PID):
    lsof -t path/to/file

- List files opened by the given user:
    lsof -u username

- List files opened by the given command or process:
    lsof -c process_or_command_name

- List files opened by a specific process, given its PID:
    lsof -p PID

- List open files in a directory:
    lsof +D path/to/directory

keep it simple, stupid.

tldr in alfred

Really enjoy this plugin in alfred.


tldr github


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