8 Useful Mac keyboard shortcuts while editing the text

If you spend a lot of time typing the plain text, writing the program, I suggest that you should remember the below Mac keyboard shortcuts to save your time. Here are a few quick shortcuts to set the matter straight for everyone in Mac OSX.

  1. Command + Right
  2. Move to beginning of line.
  3. Command + Left
  4. Move to end of line.
  5. Command + Up
  6. Move to beginning of document.
  7. Command + Down
  8. Move to end of document.
  9. Command + Delete
  10. Delete the entire line of text or paragraph behind the cursor.
  11. Option + Delete
  12. Delete the entire word behind the cursor.
  13. Shift + Command + Left
  14. Select text to beginning of a line.
  15. Shift + command + Right
  16. select text to end of a line.

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